Being a small local business with roots that started in Bolton, our relationship with Bolton Council spans nearly the entire 75 years that we have been operating. 

We have been Bolton’s framework partners for the previous four iterations. The most recent completed framework was initially meant to be a maximum of four years, but was subsequently extended three times, finally ending in 2019. In 2020, we successfully made Bolton’s partners for their current highways framework. 

This framework operates slightly differently whereby major schemes are issued as mini comp tenders amongst the four framework contractors, and smaller schemes are awarded directly (usually based on each contractor’s specialisms) after a negotiation process. 

For each project only simplified tender documents need to be released, as standard details and contract clauses are already incorporated within the framework agreement. Acceptance of quotes is also streamlined considerably, allowing for very quick notification and start on site. The framework provides an open forum to explore value engineering opportunities and continue best practices that have arisen on previous schemes.

In addition, Bolton Council requested that we manage some of the specialised subcontract work through the framework agreement. To ensure a smooth process, we operate an open book policy, where we share supplier prices and agree the best value option. We take the responsibility for the management of site activities. 

Examples of these works include:

  • White Lining contract - Bolton Council had no white lining framework in place and chose us to project manage these works, through our Minor Works Contract.
  • Emergency culvert repairs - During recent storms, emergency culvert repair works were required, and we were asked to mobilise a crew within 48 hours to commence works to resolve the issue.

Each project demands a variety of services including paving, surfacing, landscaping, street lighting, white lining and traffic signalling. We believe in forming symbiotic relationships with our subcontractors, that can only function through an element of trust. For each project, we determine which elements require specialists and approach only contractors from our approved list, which contains local, reliable experts. 

Our long-standing relationship with the Bolton community, in addition to our exceptional local knowledge and workforce, means we can provide an unparalleled level of service to Bolton Council and the local area. Our strong working relationship with the Council’s delivery team means we can assist in the pre-construction planning to prevent foreseeable programming delays and provide significant cost savings. A key example of this was the successful simultaneous delivery of Market Street and Farnworth Bus Station (£954K), which were efficiently coordinated to save both Bolton Council and TfGM considerable additional preliminary costs. 

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