Bolton Council


11 weeks

We were engaged by Bolton council to carriy out upgrades to 55 bus stop platforms around the Bolton area. The scheme involved excavating the current tarmacked area and raising the platforms by 160mm to allow low-floor buses to accommodate wheelchair users and the visually impaired by minimising the height between the bus and the kerb making the transport easily accessible. 

The areas were resurfaced with new flags for the main surfacing and red block paving around the outer edging aiming to make the public transport system more user friendly, attractive, and an overall pleasant experience. 

The new design also allowed the bus stop to stand out for users, indicating the exact bus stop location, distinguishing the area between the bus stop and footpath. Each bus stop has been planned individually, some of which included preserving the original bus stop shelter, waste bins and pedestrian guard rails. However, all relying on the raise of the bus stop kerb enabling the saftest & simplest form of usage for all passengers. 

Works were carried out during the restricted workings hours between 9:30am and 3:30pm. This ensured the flow of traffic remained unaffected during peak times. Appropriate vehicle and pedestrian traffic management was put into place to protect the public from the works and vice versa. Temporary lights were erected, where required, along with also providing pedestrians alternative walkways. TfGM closed bus stops to the public whilst works were undertaken, but it was our responsibility to liaise with businesses and residents to maintain access to properties throughout the period of works.

The programme of works was compiled by ourselves, based on completing 5 bus stops per week and was delivered on time including monthly updates to BMBC along with evaluations.

A representative of Bolton Council expressed their delight that we had been awarded the scheme due to the quality and timings achieved in a similar previous scheme.


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