Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


9 weeks

We were instructed by the client, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, to construct a sustainable drainage system (SUDS) within a primary school’s ground, designed to manage stormwater. 

The system mimicked natural drainage and encouraged its infiltration, attenuation, and passive treatment. Taking into consideration these natural factors, we began by excavating a 260m3 swail and a 35m3 pond, which were all connected by 400lm of filter drain. The drains were required to pass through a Hydro-Brake manhole before dispersing into the main systems on the highways, releasing water at a constant but steady flow of 5ltr per second. 

As the project took place at a primary school, we made the most out of the attenuation pond, by installing fencing, a dipping platform, a cobbled shore, and a radius mulch footpath, thus benefiting the use for all pupils and staff. We worked throughout the job in partnership with the school caretaker, taking on ideas from the pupils they designed in class, whereby we then made them a reality by constructing these ideas on-site.

Once the project was complete, we liaised with the school and took the opportunity to invite pupils and staff onto the site for a walk-around (on the 9th of September), also involving a Q&A session led by Site Manager, Duane Grazier and overseen by Tony Mower, our Health and Safety Manager. This was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all, and the children loved their Hi-Viz and hard hats!

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