We are responsible for undertaking a wide variety of minor highway structures works.  This package includes both planned and emergency works on a combination of framework and negotiated rates. 

Individual packages of works are generally under £50k in value and include:

  • Bridge repairs

  • Culvert/drainage repairs

  • Retaining walls (brick/stone)

  • Concrete repairs

  • Parapet fencing

  • Painting

In the past 12 months, we have undertaken 194 separate contracts ranging in value from £500 to £48,000, with the average scheme being around £17,000.

Planned works

Monthly coordination meetings between the Council’s delivery team and our own, allow us to design, plan, negotiation and schedule all the upcoming planned works. Here the direct award process is especially beneficial, as it allows for all the words to be systematically coordinated to reduce preliminary costs and prevent unnecessary disruption whilst maximising efficiency. 

Emergency works

We operate a 24 hour call out system, meaning a member of our team of experienced Traffic Management Officers is always readily available to put in place urgent short-term TM protocols in the event of an emergency, averting any danger to the public as quickly as possible. We will then meet with the Council’s team to discuss a long-term solution and assist in the design and pre-construction planning. The works are categorised depending on the degree of urgency, and are subsequently scheduled into our framework programme and completed within 2 days, 1 week or 1 month. 

The benefit of the direct award means that that no time is lost with mini-comp, which is essential for quick turnaround of the emergency works.

Like in the Minor Civils framework agreement, we go above and beyond to give Stockport Council the best level of service. This includes providing many additional resources to deliver the highest quality schemes. Such as;

Designing schemes

Designing schemes

The years of experience and extensive knowledge our teams hold in managing and constructing reliable, sustainable and prosperous schemes means we often take on the role as designer. Often, we are approached with an outline or idea of scheme and asked to produce a realistic and viable construction design. Our understanding of practical buildability is invaluable. We foresee any potential problems and put forward cost conscience solutions early on to prevent any delays to the scheme. 

Manage subcontractors for specialist schemes

Manage subcontractors for specialist schemes

For specialist works that are not covered by any of the framework agreements in place, we assist Stockport by acting as main contractor and subcontract out the work to reputable specialists. We are responsible for the smooth running of the site and oversee all operations. This system allows for particular and unusual projects to be undertaken on behalf of the council without the lengthy and costly tendering process. The system is a testament to the trusting relationship we hold with Stockport Council.

Designing of traffic management plans

Designing of traffic management plans

Our expert in-house traffic management team work with representatives from the council’s team to design and implement traffic management procedures. Our years of working with the council’s team and within the local area allow us to design the most effective traffic management plans, causing minimal disruption to all road users whilst maintaining the highest level of safety.

Design of temporary works

Design of temporary works

Many of the schemes involve the design of temporary works. Either we design the works ourselves or, for more complicated works which require a specialist, we use our preferred design partners Wilde Consulting Engineers, who are local to Stockport.

To guarantee continuous improvement, all schemes above £10k are subject to performance review.  We are consistently the highest scoring framework contractor with an average score of 88.4%.

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