Webb Lane Allottment

Webb Lane Allottment

Webb Lane Allotments was opened in 1914 at the outbreak of World War one to encourage local residents to Dig for Victory it is now home to 39 individual plots and due to its popularity has approximately 50 people on its waiting list. The allotment is used by members of the public and not for profit organisations, such as Creative Support who provide person-centred services for people with a learning disability, autism and mental health needs.

The Webb Lane committee and plot holders decided to improve the facilities at the site with accessible toilets and community space to help make the space even more inviting and give people a space to spend more time in.

The project was funded through Stockport Local Fund and kind contributions from a range of partners. The plans and planning application was supported by Project RECCE, a charity based in Stockport who assist veterans entering employment in the construction industry.

Due to the good reputation, we had gained in Stockport the Labour Councillor Amanda Peers approached us to ask if we could help with the accessibility improvements at the site. After visiting the site to access the requirements we agreed to install the drainage and construct the foundation for the building and to donate a contribution of approximately 50% towards the costs.

Our apprentices were utilised to work alongside our specialised teams to help them acquire new skills. The apprentices held very little experience of either element prior to the works, therefore it was another step in their progression, benefiting all parties.

Mike Rogers from Webb Lane Allotments, commented, “We agree it is important to have something positive to show people when you are talking about projects and hopefully, we will encourage other Allotments to evolve as well and become real assets to their local communities. Some of you commented about the peace/tranquil atmosphere on the Allotment, everybody comments on that. We really hope to encourage other allotment investment in future”

The committee and members of the allotment were very pleased with the neatness of the work done and Mike added “thanks to a phone call from Steve (G Cox Site Supervisor) we ended up with a better access for the wheelchair to the toilet. A big thank you for a job well done”.

Research has shown that spending time in nature has a positive effect on your mental health. Local doctors have actually prescribed their patients with allotment time at Webb Lane.

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