Value: £90,000

Client: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Start Date: January 2017

Finish Date: March 2017

This footpath is a very heavily used through parks and alongside the canal in the Woodley area of Stockport.  Due to a very high water table and the amount of use, the pathway had become boggy and virtually unpassable for anyone not wearing wellington boots.  In addition the inaccessible nature of this path to contraction machinery created many logistical challenges.  The pathways (and a flight of steps) were raised with granular fill to clear the water table and the pathway was then reconstructed with timber edgings, MOT and unbound surface material to create a pleasant passible walkway.

The work encompassed;

  • Site establishment including full closure of the footpath before any work commences
  • Site clearance including vegetation clearance from the line of the steps; tree felling, removal of old steps, removal of barbed wire.
  • Drainage in selected areas, to drain into woodland
  • Earthworks as necessary, arisings were retained on site and regraded behind new timber edgings
  • Steps installation, footway construction and surfacing.  Excavate and regrade as required on site. Supply and install timber sleepers and build steps on 100mm MOT stone sub base, top up tread with MOT and Ultitrec to manufacturer???s recommendations.  Steps drain into woodland.
  • Access reconstruction at both ends of the path section (a - rebuild access from canal, and b ??? re position central post on lower access limit width to 0.75m)