Value: £1.58m

Client: Blackpool Council

Start Date: November 2017

Finish Date: September 2018


As part of the ongoing regeneration of Blackpool's Town Centre area, the Blackpool Quality Corridors Phase 2 project aims to improve the highway environment on routes into town.

This project involved constructing new parking bays, reconstructing the footways on 3 key routes with high quality finished concrete flag paving, resurfacing the carriageways with red chipped Hot Rolled asphalt and the upgrade of 4 signalised junctions. The construction phase required working on busy town centre roads with high volumes of pedestrians and vehicles and maintaining access to business premises along the routes.

To minimise disruption to businesses and the general public the works were spilt into phases operating with a flexible approach to work areas and traffic management, adapted on site to ensure businesses could continue to trade. Access to all businesses was maintained throughout the project, which was achieved by providing safe walkways through the working areas and managed safely with the site team.

During the construction phase of the project there were several other major construction projects underway requiring us to work with Blackpool's team and the other contractors to adjust our phasing and programme to assist with the wider traffic management requirements across the town. This approach enabled all contractors working around the town to continue delivering on Blackpool's demanding construction plans.

Where required, we worked collaboratively with the Clients team to develop design solutions to overcome site conditions and seek alternative methods of achieving the required end result. An addition to the scheme were around 170 bollards which we installed within a 5 week period to protect the paved areas.

This project demonstrates our ability to deliver complex projects in a busy Blackpool environment, sympathetic to the needs of other construction projects and to the needs of key businesses