Value: £777,000


Start Date: July 2019

Finish Date: February 2020

After being awarded a contract for the building of a new school in Macclesfield, we were approached by Vinci to carry out S278 works that aimed to improve accessibility. The works consisted of widening the existing carriageway to make way for a new filter lane, constructing a new main entrance and west entrance as well as remodelling a four-way junction into a double mini roundabout. We were responsible for drainage works, surfacing, and soft landscaping, and later secured additional work to install street lighting and a rising main drainage system. Our work aimed to ease access to the school and upgrade entrances to effectively manage the flow of buses and cars.


We were brought in during early stages to review the brief outline of designs and provide final costings. Upon review, we recognised several overestimations of numbers that were based on worst-case scenarios of site conditions that had not been investigated properly. Offering our expertise through value engineering exercises to alter these specifications we helped to significantly reduce costs.

Making sure that any road designs that were developed had to adhere to Cheshire East Councils Specifications, we worked with Vinci to carry out thorough site investigations of the existing carriageway and ground conditions. Several design meetings were attended to discuss options and change specifications, resulting in 3-4 iterations of the bill that evolved the more information we collected. Despite additional costs of £10k for investigation works, our value engineering exercises saved £70-80k from the initial cost estimates.

Our main challenge stemmed from managing traffic along an existing carriageway that was relatively narrow due to its rural setting. Being subject to restrictions placed on us by Cheshire East Council, limitations varied depending on holiday periods. This logistically complicated matters and required a change in strategy from us in terms of phasing. It was understood that traffic management was only permitted on one phase at a time to minimise disruption to the local surroundings, and so we adapted quickly to change the sequence of our 3 phases that took holiday periods into consideration. In doing so, we overcame complications and maximised traffic flow whilst adhering to the restrictions imposed by Cheshire East Council. With unavoidable road and footpath closures, we ensured regular letter drops to residents were carried out informing them of alternative routes and durations of closures. We aimed to uphold transparency throughout the project and always notified the council of upcoming works outside normal proceedings so they could update details on their website.

We carried out a series of jobs for Cheshire East Council free of charge as our reinvestment back into the community. These included, extending our working area and resurfacing an adjacent carriageway that was in a poor condition and our team also cleared overgrown hedges and trees for tiddlywinks nursery located nearby.