Value: £925,000

Client: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Start Date: December 2016

Finish Date: September 2017 

We were awarded the project at Gorsey Bank as part of the wider TCAP works around Stockport Town Centre. The aim of the Town Centre Access Plan (TCAP) project for Stockport Council is to transform the accessibility and connectively to and around Stockport town centre and specifically aims to ease congestion for buses and general road traffic and encourage walking and cycling. It is part of an ambitious vision and development framework for investment in the town centre.

The works were spilt into 2 phases spread over a 50 week period.
Phase 1 included carriageway widening and constructing both controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian refuge islands on the A560, creation of the bellmouth to the new access road, traffic signals, road markings, footway widening works and street lighting.

Phase 2 works included: constructing the new access road and embankments to the boundary of the Design and Build contract.

Ground Investigation reports carried out prior to works commencing discovered asbestos material located in the area where phase 2 of the works was to be carried out. Various safety methods had to be put into place to enable the work to be carried out, these included:
  • Air monitoring continued twice weekly and sampling was carried out throughout the earthworks.
  • Water sprayers where used via bowser or water mains feed to control dust.
  • Hand picked general waste not classed as 5A material was disposed off site, as non-contaminated general waste.
  • Excavated soil /fines material with highest risk of fibres was laid in at lowest level and covered at a min of 500mm, to reduce risk of cross contamination.
  • Areas of sandy / clay soil was used as is, no riddling to reduce risk of dust.
  • Only areas of large hardcore / clean brick was riddled and separated for crushing. Water dust suppression was used during all riddling.
  • Water suppression was used where existing Walls / Slabs needed to be removed with pecker
  • Site was surrounded with 2.4m hoardings around the full perimeter (except river bank) to prevent public access to contaminated area. Also 24 hours security of the site was put into place.
  • Any plant working within the contaminated area remained within the contaminated area and was washed down before moving into non contaminated work area. Site deliveries materials was confined to designated clean- areas.