Value: £954,400

Client: Bolton Council

Start Date: March 2018

Finish Date: June 2018

Bolton Council where employed by TfGM to carryout the complete refurbishment of the existing bus station in Farnworth town centre and we were successful in obtaining the works through our framework agreement with the council. Having previously worked directly with TfGM on various projects we had gained a good working relationship with their team and were proficient working to their systems and procedures.

This project was spilt into two areas of work. Area 1 was commissioned by TfGM and was for the complete refurbishment of the existing bus station. Area 2 was for the resurfacing and installation of new traffic lights, plus associated works on Market Street / King Street, which was commissioned by Bolton Council. Both projects needed to be ran concurrently and to strict deadlines and had a completion date of no later than 8thJuly 2018.

As the works involved excavating and the complete re-construction of the existing area the bus station was closed to the public for the duration of the project. 2.4m HERAS fencing was used to cordon of the area from the public and clear signage was erected directing pedestrians to the temporary bus stops put in place by TfGM.

Several Compensation Events where agreed during the project with an additional £177,000 worth of works being added to the contract.As the completion date could not be changed to accommodate these, double shifts where put into place to ensure that the programme duration was achieved.

Another problem that we encountered was the large number of soft spots discovered following excavation of the existing concrete.This meant we needed to carry out 55% more excavation works. This also resulted in extra visits for CBR testing to ensure that the sub base met the required specification requested by Bolton Council.

As per company protocol we valued engineered the project once the works were secured and managed to make a 33% cost reduction on the paving and associated works.