Value: £150k

Contract: Merseytravel Framework

Programme: 8 weeks

Client: Merseytravel

This scheme involved the construction of a new car park adjacent to the Railway station. The site was surrounded by residential homes and commercial business.

The scheme involved the installation of a large tank to collect surface water run-off. This was to regulate the amount of surface water run-off into the drains so that no flooding of the car park or overloading of drains could occur.

The company received a letter from a Mr Boyce (Local Resident): -

'Just a short letter to congratulate you on the first class job you have done on the new car park at my local railway station.

It's pleasing to see that your usual high standards have been maintained on this scheme and it's certainly helped to reduce the parking problems we locals have been experiencing.'

The contract followed a 5 day working week with a site management structure of Contract Director (John Walsh), Full-time Site Manager (John Dix) and Part-time Health & Safety Officer (Duncan Ray).

It was imperative that there were no disruption to train services, access was maintained to the Railway station at all times with the use of traffic manager and traffic Safety Officers were employed to assist pedestrians when and as required.