Value: £370,000

Contract: Competitive Tender

Programme: 5 weeks

Client: Wigan Council

The existing car park was a combination of hard standing and made ground with no conventional surface water drainage. During periods of heavy rainfall, water would sit on top of the car park surface, making it difficult for car park users, although overtime this surface water would slowly permeate into the sub-grade.

The new car park was delivered on schedule and in budget using a full infiltration 'TarmacDry' porous pavement to attenuate surface water hence without connection into either sewer or river. The system is designed to utilise the permeable properties of the underlying ground which had been proven though site tests. Furthermore, surface water pollutants are treated naturally within the system to ensure cleansed surface water is released into the subgrade.

The company was awarded Highly Commended North-West Sustainability Project of the Year Award by the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation.