Value: £1.5m

Client: Transport for Greater Manchester

Duration: 25 weeks  

The construction of the A580 Park & Ride scheme involved the development of approximately 2 hectares of land into a 269 space car park. This unique site is positioned within the intersection of the A580, M60 and M61 north of Manchester city centre.

The Park & Ride facility also includes a double bus-stop, cycle shelters and electrical charging points.

Work elements included:- 

  • Installation of new drainage system including attenuation tank
  • Creation of roads and pedestrian zones
  • Road markings and signage
  • CCTV installation
  • Installation of boundary fencing, road restraint systems and height restriction barriers
  • Landscaping the surrounding area

George Cox continually look to offer its client base innovative and alternative methods of construction so as to improve life-cycle of the schemes and to increase sustainability of builds. Following a review of the programme and subsequent consultation with the client, it was concluded to adopt lime stabilisation techniques on the existing plot. The benefits of this were three-fold:- 

  1. The addition of lime causes the nature of the soil to change which improved the handling characteristics and productivity.
  2. Another advantage was the reduction of the need to segregate materials which meant the existing soil could remain on the site which eliminated the requirement of landfill thus increasing sustainability credentials.
  3. This method negated the requirement for large quantities of bulk excavation and backfill of C10 concrete.

 Adopting this method saved the client a total of circa £60k. 

To reduce the number of deliveries direct to site and the need for storage, materials where delivered into the company's yard at Farnworth before being transported to site, on "as and when required" basis.

Logistic schedules where created to co-ordinate the delivery of the specialist equipment direct to site. This ensured that the equipment was delivered to programme and that engineers where scheduled to arrive on time for the installation.

The company suffered delays during the construction due to 2 main issues which arose:- 

  • High voltage main cables where discovered on the plot and to minimise the risk of harm whilst the lime stabilisation process was taking place the company decided to excavate the area to either side of the cable to stop the machinery from going near the area.
  • Inclement weather also caused delays during the installation of the attenuation tanks. The heavy rain fall caused the tanks and the surrounding area to fill with water which had to be pumped out before work could continue.

Despite the delays  the project was successfully delivered as per the programme.